Photographers, yes, but we are much more than that. We love our brides and grooms, and will do anything to make their day more special and run smoother. Such a blessing to be such an intricate part of one of the most important days in peoples' lives!! And we do have just a little bit of fun in the process :)
Our goal as photographers is to encapsulate each person’s unique personality. We have always had a passion for understanding people and what makes them who they are.
 To us, photography is a tool that expresses the beauty of each person not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Although we are able to pose people in traditional ways, we gravitate toward a photo-journalistic approach.
We love capturing life in its true form; photographs depicting genuine smiles, laughter and even tears are priceless. To us, a beautiful photograph portrays raw emotion in a way that tells a story words alone cannot express.

Winner of Best of Treasure Valley 2018

Published in magazines such as the Idaho Press Tribune~An Idaho Wedding, and cover photo on doTERRA Leadership Magazine

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